Project Management and Collaboration

Megan Kudzia, Digital Scholarship Librarian, Michigan State University

Kate Topham, Digital Humanities Archivist, Michigan State University


This workshop goes beyond “how did they make that” into “how can I do this?“, offering a practical guide to starting, growing, and sustaining your DH project. Undertaking a digital project can be overwhelming, but with the right strategies, these challenges can be met with confidence. Participants will get an introductory grounding in what project management is and how it applies in academia, and will get specific examples of tools and practices that can help any project progress more quickly and realize its potential.


Direct link to Google Slides

PDF of slides: Project Management for DH Projects.pdf

Additional Resources, Readings, and Tools



  • Kanban 101 for Trello - the language is oriented at software development, but this lays out really well how to actually use Trello to introduce Kanban practices
  • Personal Kanban - a great book on how to do this for yourself


  • Airtable - when what you need is more robust than a spreadsheet, but you don't exactly need a database yet, Airtable has you covered. It's collaborative, great at letting you sort and facet your data, and has lots of templates to help you get started, including a whole set of templates specific to project management!
  • Trello - an excellent task and project management tool, for individuals or for teams.